Hurricane Katrina Deceased-Victims List


In the Media

Toward a Comprehensive Death Count
The Sun Herald (Mississippi), November 18, 2006

The Storm After the Storm
The Times-Picayune, October 28, 2006

Scientist Seeks Full Picture of Katrina’s Toll
Dallas Morning News, October 29, 2006

True Katrina Toll Over 2,000, Scientist Says
Toronto Star, October 28, 2006

Geophysicist calls for full toll of Katrina
Mississippi Sun Herald, October 29, 2006

Columbia geophysicist wants ‘full’ Katrina death toll
WTVM Channel 9, October 29, 2006

How to Help Your Community Contribute Information

If you would like to help people in your community to contribute information to this project, please print out and distribute the following document:

download document in Word format
download document in pdf format


5 Responses

  1. virginia says:

    Was Martha Harkins on the missing list ever found?
    I knew he breifly on a past visit to NO and notuiced she was listed as missing.
    All I request is if she is deceased, as not to invade her privacy is she is still aloive.

  2. Paulette Taplet says:

    Veronica Taplet is not dead..she has been living in Texas since Katrina..Please remove her name from your deceased/missing list…

  3. Marion Reese(Morgan) says:

    I have been waiting to see Marion since Katrina hit,I really need to know if she is gone or please call us ok.also her brother Micky Reese annd her mother Audrey Reese.Don`t know and can`t find them.if you are out there please contact us. love you and miss you alot. Becky Grimmer(Mccool),Shirley Grimmer.

  4. Marion Reese(Morgan) says:

    hello if you can find marion reese(morgan) or micky reese,or Audrey reese please contact me I`ve been looking for them since katrina.

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