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Recent Travel to Louisiana and Mississippi


John Mutter and I recently returned from our trip to Louisiana and Mississippi. We were not there for the Katrina landfall anniversary per se, but we did attend Joe Cull’s “Silent Heroes and Hidden Gifts of Katrina” celebration of first responders at the Cabildo Museum, a deeply moving event that included the first reunion between a young woman who had given birth in a Ninth Ward attic, and the Wildlife and Fisheries officer who had rescued her and her family by boat. I was also able to interview the young woman, Waldrica, for *The Katrina Experience* oral history project. Thank you Joe, for creating such an amazing event, one that really honored people who performed heroically in the aftermath, and for connecting us with so many wonderful people.

John and I also met with officials who played key roles in the aftermath: Dr. Louis Cataldie who was the Incident Medical Commander at the St. Gabriel Morgue; Dr. Kevin Stephens, Director of Health for the City of New Orleans who is dealing with the very real aftereffects; Dr. Richard Deichmann, who remained with his patients at Memorial Hospital through the interminable wait for evacuation; Baton Rouge Police Chief Jeff LeDuff and Sgt. Don Kelly who managed and continue to manage the massive population influx into the city; and Dr. Shannon Cooper, coroner of the Parish of East Baton Rouge.

Later we traveled to Ocean Springs, MS, and caught up with Dr. Jay Segarra. . Later, artist Glenn Miller hosted us for dinner, and I was able to interview him for *The Katrina Experience* as well.

All in all, it was an intense few days in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Ocean Springs. But it was a true gift. We thank everyone who met with us, and look forward to being back in the region soon.

Thank you all for your support!



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